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Do Native American’s get a monthly check from the U.S Government? Not exactly although there are many Native Americans who receive Tribal benefits, so far there is no monthly checks from the U.S Government unless it is an occasional settlement from the U.S Government to tribes both members and descendants. Although there are some individual Tribes who pay members a percentage of revenue earned through gaming, mining and other natural resources.

What are Tribal membership requirements?
Each Tribe sets forth their own rules and requirements for the membership approval process. So the process varies from Tribe to Tribe. Most Tribes require a similar process.

How much money does the U.S Government allow American Indian Tribes? It varies from Tribe to Tribe depending on past treaties and many other factors.

Can I get a free education grant? In many cases there are Tribal discounts, grants and tuition reimbursement programs set in place for Tribal Members.

Why does the Native American First Program cost money? The program took many hours to construct and contains live links and the needed documents for the approval process. Besides $39 is a small price to pay for a possible life-time of benefits that could be utilized for generations to come.

How long does it take to qualify to become an official Native American Citizen? Again it depends on the Tribe. It’s been said in a little as two weeks and as long as six months.

Do I need to be a certain blood percentage to qualify? Some Tribes don’t require any blood quantum. Most Tribes focus on family linage and not a particular percentage or blood quantum. After the proper documents are completed a Certificate degree of Indian Blood-(CDIB Card) that shows your blood quantum (if needed) and tribal affiliation may be issued.

I was adopted. Can the Native American First Program offer any assistance? Yes. The program contains information to assist those who were adopted as well.

How many federally recognized Tribes exist in America? Five-hundred sixty four and growing since there are many petitions from several American Indian Tribes to become certified.

What is the purpose of tribal enrollment? For many people it is a shared custom that is offered as well as benefits, and traditional or religious purposes.

Is it just a one time fee? Yes. Pay only once and the program is yours.

What we do at Native American First? Offer information and a shared strategy needed to become associated to a government recognized Tribe for the overall improvement of the quality of Native American Indian life. Bottom line we supply the tools/support needed to help American Indians and their families.

If I’m already a registered  Native American, what benefits do I qualify for?Each tribe has their own set by-laws and sets forth their own rules, regulations, and benefits. We suggest contacting your Tribe for a list of resources and benefits that they offer Tribal Members.

What is a Federally recognized tribe? An American Indian or Alaska Native tribal entity that is recognized as having a government-to-government relationship with the United States, with responsibilities, powers, limitations, and obligations. Each federally recognized Tribe is eligible for funding and services provided by the United States Government.

Does the program contain anything about Canadian Indians? Yes. Canadian Native Peoples are also included.

What is a state recognized Tribe? “State recognized tribes” are Native American Indian Tribes and Heritage Groups that are recognized by individual states for their various internal government purposes. “State recognition” confers limited benefits under federal law and is not the same as federal recognition, which is the federal government’s acknowledgment of a tribe as a sovereign nation. However, in about twenty states, state recognition has offered some protection of autonomy for tribes not recognized by the federal government. For example, in Connecticut, state law protects reservations and limited self-government rights for state-recognized tribes

Is the Native American First Program necessary to qualify for Native American Benefits?  No. however the program is loaded with helpful tools and information to help speed up the process of qualifying.



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