Native American First

What’s included?

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Bonus #1: Five most Common pitfalls and mistakes made by people who are attempting to qualify for their tribal affiliation rights and ways to avoid them.
Bonus #2: Free genealogy sight information. That’s right FREE along with contact points of trusted Native Family Genealogy Researchers and facilities.
Bonus #3: Find out FREE if you are 1 of 47,000 Native Americans eligible for payment through an American Indian Trust fund.
Bonus #4: The Native American Ten Commandments that can be printed and framed
Bonus #5: Find out how to save an extra 10% on your college tuition.

The Native American program contains information and links pertaining to:

  • Native American Records
  • Native American- DNA
  • Proving Your Indian Heritage
  • Indian Tribal Histories
  • Indian Tribes and Nations
  • Indian Tribes by Location
  • Indian Books and Articles
  • Indian Genealogy Queries
  • Indian Census Records
  • Indian Cemetery Records
  • Indian Treaties and Acts
  • Indian Land Patents
  • Indian Biographies
  • Canadian Native Peoples

Full lists, information and links of Native American Rolls:

  • Armstrong Roll
  • Baker Roll
  • Cooper Roll
  • Dawes Rolls – Final Roll
  • Final Roll Index
  • Guion Miller Roll
  • Kern Clifton Roll
  • Old Settlers Roll
  • Reservation Roll
  • Ute Roll
  • Wallace Roll

If you, a friend relative or family member has family roots with any of the federally listed American Indian Tribes then we encourage you to get The Native American First Program. Some will never discover the truth without it!


Helping Native Americans Help Themselves.